MadMachine SwiftIO grove shield


This is specially designed for SwiftIO board. The pins on two sides are completely same as those on SwiftIO board.

There are also many additional multifunction grove connectors.

Let's take a look at these connectors:

  • 8x 4 pin connector: 2 digital, 3 analog, 3 PWM, 2 I2C, 1 UART, 1 CAN
  • 2x 8 pin connector: used for digital signal, SPI, UART

Thus, you could easily connect to different modules using grove cable. This will allow you get rid of a lot of jumper wires and be more at ease when building your circuit.



  • Operating voltage: 3.3 / 5V
  • Overall dimension: 81.3mmx56.3mm
  • Weight: 28g