MadMachine 2'' IPS LCD



In many interesting and popular projects, you can usually see the screen. You could use it to display necessary data, show images or even create some cool interface.

This wonderful ips display allows you to view its content from all angles.

The screen supports SPI communication. We are still preparing its driver. 

In addition, we've been working on a graphic library for it. It will be very convient to draw figures or display images. Thus, you could display whatever you want in this tiny screen. 



  • 2 inch, 240x320 pixel
  • 16-bit full color display
  • SPI support
  • 2.54mm connector
  • 4 x 2.5mm mouting holes in four corners
  • Screen dimension: 34mm x 44mm
  • Overall dimension: 34.8mmx61mm
  • Weight: 14g

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