SwiftIO x1 is included!


The first official MadMachine SwiftIO kit designed for scientific exploration for Swift language lovers.


The Maker Kit for SwiftIO is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Swift programming language. It includes everything you need to complete five overarching projects consisting of 6 interconnected circuits that teach everything from blinking an LED to reading sensors. 


The kit, based on the SwiftIO, includes a range of sensors to measure light, temperature, motion, and more; plus it comes with a set of props and full access to online course content for users to conduct ten exciting projects.



  • SwiftIO
  • MadMachine Maker Kit for SwiftIO Guidebook
  • 1K Resistors
  • Red, Blue, Green LEDs
  • 16x2 White-on-Black LCD (with headers)
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Small Servo
  • Small DC Motor
  • 7-Segment Display
  • Small Breadboard
  • Small Fan Blade
  • 4-Pin Wires
  • Arduino Sheild
  • Humiture Sensor
  • Button Module
  • Motor Driver Module
  • Buzzer Module
  • Potentiometer Module
  • Light Sensor



  • Mission 1 Blinking RGB LED
  • Mission 2 RGB LED Control
  • Mission 3 Push Button
  • Mission 4 Potentiometer & RGB LED
  • Mission 5 Buzzer
  • Mission 6 Seven-Segment Display
  • Mission 7 DC Motor
  • Mission 8 Servo Motor
  • Mission 9 "Hello World!" LCD
  • Mission 10 Humiture Sensor
  • Mission A Arduino Game

Maker Kit for SwiftIO

SKU: KI0001

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