Quick Start Guide

This document explains how to connect your SwiftIO board to the computer and realize your first project.

Step 1: Download and install the MadMachine IDE

You need to download and install the MadMachine Software (IDE) to program your SwiftIO board. Select the appropriate version according to your operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux.

To get the software package: https://www.madmachine.io/downloads.

For more installation instruction: Mac, Windows.

Step 2: Prepare SD card and confirm USB connection

Make sure that you inserted a SD card into the slot. Connect your SwiftIO board to your computer through the Download port using a Micro-USB cable. SwiftIO will simulate the device as a USB Flash Drive on your computer. Change the name of SD card to "SWIFTIO" in order to be recognized by the IDE.

Step 3: Write code in the IDE

It's time to start your first project in the IDE. Some read-only sample codes are offered in the IDE. You can copy them into a new project and see what's going on. Here is an simple example for your reference:

Step 4: Compile your code and download it to board

Press the Download button to mount the device into your computer. 

An icon will appear in the status bar of  the IDE.

Click the Download icon.

The IDE begins to compile your code and then download it to the board if there is no error.

Wait a few seconds, you will see the USB flash drive is automatically removed.

And then, the onboard LED will blink.


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