How to Install MadMachine IDE for Mac OS

This document explains how to install the SwiftIO Software (IDE) on OS X machines, but will work the same for previous operating systems. It may require you to search the web for your specific situation.

Video Tutorial

This third-party video is made by Hunger Swift.

Download the SwiftIO Software (IDE)

Get the latest version from the download page. The file is in Dmg format so that you do not need to extract it manually. Currently, the file is 200+MB. That’s quite a large file, so it may take a while to download. After you’ve finished downloading, double-click the file to start.

Install MadMachine IDE

Double click the MadMachine IDE installer disk image (a .dmg file). When you open the installer you’ll be asked to accept the software license agreement and then your computer will verify the package is not corrupted (this may take a couple of minutes). Click, hold and drag the “MadMachine” icon into the “Applications” folder. MadMachine will install into the Applications folder on your Mac.

Start MadMachine IDE

Open your Applications folder - click “Go”, “Applications” on the Finder menu. Double-click on the MadMachine icon. You’ll see a dialog to check you want to open MadMachine. Click “Open”.

This can take some time as OSX checks the MadMachine package, but you’ll only ever have to do it once. Next time you launch MadMachine you will be able to just double click the MadMachine icon.

Congratulation! All done.


If you could not open it and show this dialog:

Please check if you have the permission to install all kind of apps. Allow apps downloaded from "Anywhere".

This is the protection of Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper, first introduced in OS X Mountain Lion, is a Mac security feature that helps protect your Mac from malware and other malicious software. Gatekeeper checks to make sure the application is safe to run by checking it against the list of apps that Apple has vetted and approved for the Apple Mac Store and/or approved by Apple even if not offered through the app store.

You can disable it via terminal:

$ sudo spctl --master-disable

And then all things will go right. Thank you.


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