Microcontroller using Swift

SwiftIO offers a full Swift compiler and framework environment that runs on the microcontroller. The SwiftIO board is a compact electronic circuit board that runs Swift on the bare metal, giving you a system that can be used to control all kinds of electronic projects.

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Powerful & easy-to-learn  programming language

The Swift programming language is a high-level language with simplicity that looks like English text.  It uses a modern approach to ensure safety, performance and realize well-built software design patterns.

The powerful Swift
now runs on Microcontroller.

Swift is one of the few modern languages that are extremely suitable for MCU devices. 

Swift is used on Apple devices, servers, in machine learning, now you can use it to control hardwares with SwiftIO.

Arduino-like Hardware System

Control a wide range of sensors, lights, and motors with Swift. ​


Learning Tools

The most affordable Swift language learning devices. Cost 80% lower than the cheapest iPad. ​

STEM Education


Open doors to the coding worlds, learn modern programming. ​

Modern & Safety IoT Platform

Swift is designed for safety and modern project, perfect for future IoT development. ​

Free & Easy-to-use IDE

MadMachine IDE is the easy-to-start integrated development environment for SwiftIO. It makes it easy to write Swift code and download it to the board. It runs now on Mac OS X, Windows. 


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